About Us

Ruth Frommer 

Occupational Therapist 

Feldenkrais Teacher 

Aikido Instructor- Black Belt 6th Dan 

NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming) Trainer

Ruth's passion for facilitating people to reach their potential developed from her own journey. Having experienced childhood asthma and back surgery in her teen years for scoliosis. Ruth was determined not to let these physical ailments define her life. Discovering and studying the Feldenkrais Method was a turning point. Since then Ruth hasn't looked back, with her newly found confidence and comfort Ruth studied NLP and Aikido and started her own private practice.

On completing her training in 1991 Ruth was inspired to share her embodied knowledge with others and to continue her journey. For 25 years Ruth has been combining her unique skills of mindful movement, communication and action with individuals and groups.

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