How it Works

In an individual session

Firstly we analyse your movement drawing your attention to how you are moving and to what is happening in your body. Having discovered what you are doing and what you need to learn to move toward your goal it is time to lie down. Through a hands on process which uses precise touch and passive movements to relax you and release postural and movement habits, you discover how to move with more coordination, balance and ease.

After a lesson you should feel rejuvenated and relaxed and notice improvements in your movement and posture.

In Awareness Through Movement ® Classes

you enjoy learning how to move mindfully in a non competitive, supportive environment. Each class starts with a reference movement which you return to at the end of the class to observe how much the quality of how you are moving has improved. During a class you explore movement sequences with curiosity, focussing on how you move to discover new ways of using your body in action.

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