Preventing Injury 

Reduce the risk of injuries with our tailor made courses which combine practical information with experiential mindful movement

Computer Comfort

Suitable for office workers/students/people who use computers                       

Reduce the risk of overuse injuries, neck pain and eye strain

Discover how using a computer effects your neck, shoulders, hands and eyes

Decrease muscle tension in your shoulders, neck and hands with mindful movements

Explore how to work at the computer with soft hands and relaxed shoulders

Develop a personalised action plan to do at work


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Dynamic Sitting at work  

Great for office workers/students/musicians                           ​

Increase your vitality with active sitting

Reduce aches and pain due to prolonged static sitting 

Learn mindful movements that increase your comfort level 

Develop a movement action plan to do at work 

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​​Manual Handling

Suitable for anyone who has to lift heavy objects

Learn bio mechanically sound manual handling techniques

Experience moving with easy power

Reduce effort and strain when lifting

Apply techniques to workplace activities 

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Falling safely 

Great for performers/ actors/ people risk of falling 

Learn to develop a relationship with the ground

Discover how to move your body with fluidity and softness 

Learn the components of a fall 

Practice in a safe environment

Gain confidence by learning to fall from the ground up


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